My mom n I were talkin n shit got so real, I even cried in front of her (I rarely ever EVER do that)
I told her about me wanting to leave the house b/c they’re stressing me out n I need a mental break and me maybe getting some help from social services…

I really wish I didn’t tell her b/c it didn’t go well and now I can’t stop crying.

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Everything I eat makes me nauseous and irdk if it’s b/c of my bulimia or a recent dosage increase in my meds

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at some point when i was more little i didn’t think i was habesha enough, that i was a reject cause my hair isn’t the loose gelila curl that you see most of the time. my mom would always remind me of how i had “good hair” when i was younger. i stopped trying to get my hair to be something it isn’t…

Until I saw you, pprisma, and foreignqueer, I felt like the only kinky haired habesha on this damn website. I always felt weird and less ethiopian because I didn’t have loocha tsegur or leslasa tsegur but it’s been so comforting seeing other Ethiopian girls rock fros and locs!

I feel this on a spiritual level.

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Where can i hire someone to give me money

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I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.
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